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Holidays of Aquerra

History by Age

The history of Aquerra is divided into either three or four ages depending on who you ask. Elves and dwarves see the current age as the Third, and believe that it shall be the last age before the end of the world. Humans in the "central" portion of Aquerra began counting a Fourth Age upon the establishment of the Kingdom of Herman Land, calling it "Herman's Era" (H.E.). Other races have their own way of counting time and years, if they even care. Halflings and gnomes measure time, for example, either as the races they live closest to, or in terms of the history of their own community.

History by Year

The following years are ones that passed while campaigns were run in Aquerra. The events listed on these pages include both general events in the world and ones more specific to campaigns and player characters.

History by Geography

History by Ruler

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