The Sign Of Four Campaign

The Sign of Four

This campaign began in the spring of 1993 and lasted in one incarnation or another until the fall of 1994 (including some IRC sessions as late as 1996). It suffered some changes to its roster, but had four core players that lasted throughout its existence. It was played using the 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

In game time, this campaign lasted from 559 H.E. to 562 H.E.

Player Characters
The campaign that would become known as the Sign of Four campaign (named for the adventuring party) began with five players playing five characters.

These were:

The death of Cieladorn, the disappearance of Thraxus Orc-masher, and Luatha Vain deciding she and Geigy saw things too differently to be in the same group and going her own way, led to two more members joining the group.

These were:

It was during this time that Geigy dubbed the group "The Sign of Four".

The deaths of Geigy Silvergarn and Rowena of Thor in subsequent adventures led to two more members joining the party, along with an NPC who would travel with the group throughout the majority of their adventuring time, Grace of Isis.

One of the new PCs was:

The other was Luatha Vain, who ran into the party while they were in Thricia and, upon hearing of Geigy's death, rejoined.

Other one-time members of the Sign of Four were:

There were 8 different players who played the 17 characters listed above.

In the end, the loss of the majority of the players to other responsibilities, along with personal dynamic issues, led to the end of the campaign. The campaign did flourish briefly as a play-by-email game (in the fall of 1995) in order to get through portions of its epilogue.

In terms of Aquerra continuity, the Sign of Four are still in the dungeons of the Black Islands and one day some other band of PCs may journey there to free them.
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