The Sign Of Four Adventures

The Sign of Four Adventures

Sword of Justice | Euphoria Horrors | The Underkeep of Thion-Geb & Alazair | OO7 - The Glass Oracle/The Orc Burrow | Troll Bridge | Asflag's Unintentional Emporium | HHQ1 - Fighter's Challenge | OO8 - The Lair of the Lizard King | N3 - Destiny of Kings | Is there an elf in the house? | Chadranther's Bane | U3 - The Final Enemy | The Quest for Gilvorak | OO9 - Freedom from the Slaves | Campaign Epilogue

Campaign Prologue
Meeting in Teamsburg, Gilvorak Steelhand and Cieladorn le Verde were forced to flee the authorities, after the latter was confused with Glorfindel Estelenoth II still wanted for arson and mischief from a few weeks before.

Things were further complicated by the conflict between others they had joined up with in that nefarious city. Luatha Vain had robbed the coffer of a local tavern, leading to a fight between her and Thraxus Orc-Masher and Geigy Silvergarn. All three of them went their own way, but luckily Gilvorak Steelhand and Cieladorn le Verde met up with Rowena of Thor on the ferry to Corbay.

Sword of Justice
(from Dragon #92) - The group's very first adventure began soon after the PCs met in Teamsburg, traveling to the village of Corbay to try to cash in on a bounty on an elven fugitive who was an alleged murderer and thief of the village's acclaimed magical "Sword of Truth". Cieladorn le Verde, Gilvorak Steelhand and Rowena of Thor were the members of the party that undertook this adventure, though Cieladorn fell through a rotten floor to his death.

Returning to Corbay to regroup, they were rejoined by Geigy Silvergarn who brought along with him a human ranger from the UKSF who called himself The Silent One.

In the end, the party discovered that the sword which glowed blue in the presence of a liar, also glowed in the presence of elves (having been forged by dwarves during one of the many conflicts between those two races). They were able to help exonerate the elf and in the process slew an ogre bandit and his kobold minions.

Euphoria Horrors
(from Dungeon #34) Traveling overland in search of the legendary Underkeep of Thion-geb and Alazair, the party aided a young boy who's "imaginary friend" had been kidnapped by local goblins. The "friend" turned out to be a faerie dragon who was taken because the local goblins has become addicted to his euphoria-inducing breath weapon.

It was after this adventure during the celebration of the Festival of Isis that Geigy came up with the name the Sign of Four after designing an embelm with icons that represented each of the four members of the group.

The Underkeep of Thion-Geb & Alazair
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) The party sought out this legendary dungeon seeking the magical sword, Mysteriis and any other treasures they might find, fighting scores of goblins and rescuing several captives of the evil little humanoids. Among these were Geoffry Starwater, a half-elf adventurer, and a merchant named Ranold and his young daughter. While the party never found the sword, Ranold's singing of their praises began to make the party's reputation known. He rewarded them handsomely when they returned him to Verdun, and in the future they would come back to him many times for aid. Geoffry Starwater joined the group as a way to repay their rescuing him.

They would return to the site of the Underkeep once more exploring its various levels before moving on.

OO7 - The Glass Oracle/The Orc Burrow
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) Returning from the Underkeep, the Sign of Four came into possession of the Eye of Zolz, a powerful relic said to allow its user to see into the future, and sought by several factions including a bounty-hunter working for the church of Set named Baruka.

In an early encounter with agents of Sharkey's Guild that sought the Eye of Zolz, the entire party was trapped in a warehouse. Geoffry Starwater was killed when they would not trade the Eye for him, and a recent addition to the party named Finley Littleleaf (who was a bard friend of Ranold's and wanted to join them to write songs and tales of their exploits) disappeared in the confusion. It was assumed he was captured and/or killed.

The party struggled to bring the Eye to Thricia and the High Temple of Thoth in Moon City. Traveling overland from Zootsburg to Westron (as traveling by ferry allowed their enemies to predict their movements) they discovered a series of underground tunnels beneath a roadside inn that was home to orcs and goblins. They escaped from this place only to find themselves surrounded by agents of Sharkey's Guild who sought the Eye. In the ensuing battle, Geigy was killed while trying to distract their foes to allow his companions to escape.

Regrouping and recovering in Zootsburg, the party was joined by Dresden the Black a militant wizard from the Kingdom of Neergaard, and Palatino of Ra, and soon afterwards traveled back to the Orc Burrow to clear it out and then traveled on to Westron to seek out passage to Thricia.

In Westron, however, The Silent One was kidnapped by Baruka and while Rowena of Thor and Gilvorak Steelhand killed the bounty-hunter at the accepted exchange point (which was really an ambush), Dresden the Black invisibly snuck into the secret temple of Set beneath a temple of the Red God of the West to rescue his companion. He also rescued a young priestess of Isis from there, which led to the party being joined by Grace of Isis.

Finally, the Sign of Four was able to make it across the Wizard's Sea to Moon City and give the eye to the Archbishop Makon of Thoth.

Troll Bridge
(from Dungeon #36) This adventure took place while the Sign of Four journeyed from Zootsburg and Westron during the Glass Oracle adventure. The party defeated a vicious gnome that was using the illusion of a troll to collect tolls from travelers wanting to cross a bridge.

Palatino of Ra remained behind in the nearby village of Hamlet to attend to the spiritual needs of its citizens.

Asflag's Unintentional Emporium
(from Dungeon #36) While in Moon City, the party was hired to retrieve some magical items from the estate of the missing wizard Asflag by another wizard to whom they were owed. This task was complicated by the need to perform it to before all of Asflag's property could be seized by the local government. Inside, the Sign of Four found that Asflag's menagerie of strange and exotic monsters had broken free in his absence. Rowena of Thor was killed by a pair of displacer beasts while defending the rest of the party while they were recovering from their wounds. Also during this adventure, Dresden the Black was petrified and the party had to purchase a scroll to reverse the situation.

HHQ1 - Fighter's Challenge
While the rest of the party explored Asflag's Unintentional Emporium, The Silent One took a sabbatical to spend some time exploring the forests of Black Thread Island. Without intending to, he became involved in a quest for a missing shipment of silver ore that had disappeared in the vicinity of Sturnheim on its way to Moon City. He never succeeded.

On this adventure, The Silent One was aided by a mercenary named Delynn Rosabell and a were-boar named Arhne. (See also: HHQ1 - Fighter's Challenge)

OO8 - The Lair of the Lizard King
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) Traveling to the Kingdom of Neergaard at the behest of Dresden's uncle, the one-time court wizard of King Halfred Crownen, the party was summoned by means of a strange dream to Ambrose Isle where the town of Clapton was overrun by lizardfolk led by one of their kind that was mutated with strange mental powers. By this time the party was reunited with Luatha Vain. At first, the Sign of Four tried to escape the island and not help the people of Clapton, but when it appeared that helping them was the fastest way off the island they vanquished the strange lizard king, and were sent on their way again by means of dream travel, waking up the next day in Neergaard.

N3 - Destiny of Kings
This adventure was the clincher that put the name "The Sign of Four" on the map of Aquerra. At the behest of Dresden the Black's uncle, Arkham Magehold, former Court Wizard of Neergaard, the party went looking for the missing Crown-Prince Edmund II, and the party that had originally been sent to look for him - as his father, King Halfred Crownen had been assassinated, and it looked as if Prince Edrin (brother of the king) were making a play for the throne again.

Retracing the steps of the previous party, who were retracing the steps of the young prince to the Shrine of the Waters of the Sun in the Veronian Mountains, the Sign of Four were forced to flee soldiers of the Duke Aimar of Andevar when their investigations revealed that the duke was involved in the coup attempt. Fleeing into the haunted Lusian Forest, Grace of Isis was slain and partially devoured by ghouls, and then both Luatha and Dresden lost their lives to the screech of a banshee. With the corpses of their companions packed on their horses, Gilvorak and the Silent One escaped the haunted forest and finally made it to the Shrine of the Waters of the Sun. However, before they could enter the cave, The Silent One was slain by a cave bear, leaving Gilvorak to figure out what to do on his own.

Guided by the spirit of the shrine, the dwarven warrior annoited the bodies of his companions with the luminescent water of the cave and they were all returned to life (albeit with alignments that now paralleled that of Ra, the patron god of Neergaard). These new outlooks created a more cooperative spirit among the members of the party, which led to Luatha admitting that during her absence she had had an affair with Jack of Hearts a roguish bard that now appeared to be working with the corrupt duke of Andevar. Using a magical card she was able to communicate with him, and when the rest of the party saw it they were shocked. The image was of none other than Finley Littleleaf.

Following a clue as to where he might be, the Sign of Four passed through another wood where they unfortunately ran into a burrow of giant spiders, and Gilvorak Steelhand was killed by the venom of one. Returning to the Shrine of the Waters of the Sun, they annoited Gilvorak and he returned to life. While at the shrine they met Ariel of Tefnut who was on a pilgrimage to the holy mountain water. Hearing of the party's plight, she joined them.

On their way to Griffon Castle the party were forced to have The Silent One joust against the champion of a group of Knights of the Order of the Golden Lion, who were guarding a bridge crossing the River Laine. As the Silent One was being soundly trounced, Dresden the Black recognized the knight doing the jousting as the man who had killed his wife and child many years back. He was avenged and the Sign of Four slew all but two of the knights who were taken captive and used to discover the exact location of the secret fort. They left the bound captives half a mile away with the horses.

The party was able to sneak into Griffon Castle, but were discovered soon after freeing the surviving members of the last party to attempt to find the prince. They found the prince as well, but the ferocity of the attack from Duke Aimar's men forced them to hide him while they fought. Amazingly, the Sign of Four was able to kill the majority of the soldiers in the castle, but Duke Aimar fled Jack of Hearts found the prince, "rescuing him" and betraying the Duke.

As the party attempted to recover from their wounds in the abandoned castle they were forced to leave as fleeing troops set fire to it. This was made worse by the griffon mascot of the castle devouring the party's horses and captives.

While debating what to do next, they were contacted by Jack of Hearts by means of the magic card that Luatha had. He offered them succor and a deal. He would share credit for rescuing the prince with them and they would not discuss his role in the prince's initial capture. As a means of further insuring their complicity, he explained that the prince had already been told a story that described the Jack of Hearts as working with the Sign of Four and he had been fed a magical poison that could be made to take effect from a great distance.

The party reluctantly agreed, and were drawn through the card, magically transported to some distant island where the stronghold of Jack's true patron was located. While there the party tried to sow distrust of Jack into the Prince, but Edmund would hear none of it, thoroughly convinced of the bard's good intentions. The Sign of Four were transported back to Neergaard with Jack of Hearts and Prince Edmund. The prince's uncle was killed trying to escape the king's citadel in Dunthrinane, and Duke Aimar was captured and executed along with several of his high-ranking knights.

Jack of Hearts and the Sign of Four became the heroes of Neergaard and were granted boons by the new young king, and the Silent One and Gilvorak Steelhand were knighted and joined knightly orders. Glorfindel Estelenoth II, a member of the party the Sign of Four rescued joined the group. (See also: N3 - Destiny of Kings)

Is there an elf in the house?
(from Dungeon #32) Traveling southward to look for a magical artifact at the behest of Arkham Magehold, the party stopped at the castle of Duke Amish Morrell in the Province of Auntuan and were asked to deliver a magical ointment that was to save a minor noble who was ailing and lived several days away. The Sign of Four agreed.

The party arrived at the Faustmann estate just before a blizzard and just after another party of adventurers had arrived begging for shelter from the coming storm. Both groups were allowed to stay the night, but all their weapons were locked away in the barn by the estate guards.

When a maid was discovered stabbed to death, people began to disappear, and Ariel discovered that the delivered ointment had never been used on the master of the house, chaos ensued. It was soon discovered that Lady Faustman was truly a drow witch who had taken the real Lady Faustmann prisoner, and was using her dumb hench-margoyle to try to grab an elf so she might complete a ceremony to regain her power by sacrificing him or her. Unfortunately for Luatha, she was the one designated to be killed by means of a slowly lowering blade on pendulum, and the party had to fight against time to rescue her.

The drow witch was captured and the margoyle was slain, as was a member of the other group who it turned out had a history of violence towards women and had killed the maid. Lady Faustmann was released and very grateful.

The Sign of Four waited out the storm and then moved on to find the artifact that Arkham Magehold had told them about.

Chadranther's Bane
(from Dungeon #18) Exploring the area where legend said the thief of the artifact they sought was last seen, the party stopped at an apparently abandoned roadside inn and soon found themselves and all their equipment shrunk down to only a few inches in height. They soon discovered a world of shrunk down travelers and monsters in the abandoned inn and the adjacent overgrown garden. While finding a way to reverse the effect, Dresden the Black was killed by a poisoned ring he put on, Ariel of Tefnut was killed by goblins, and Glorfindel Estelenoth II drowned in the garden fountain. The party was finally able to succeed with the help of an elvish agent named Falen who had been trapped there years before. Afterwards, he took Glorfindel's body back to Tempestas. Grace of Isis was able to raise Dresden from the dead using a scroll.

Right after this adventure, the party was joined by Zatana, an amazon warrior from the Hellish Isles who had, with their help, escaped her carnival sideshow captors. She hoped to find a way back home.

U3 - The Final Enemy
The Sign of Four was hired by the legislative council of the Republic of Erthage to scout out a sahuagin fortress, sabotage what they could and return with reports of numbers, arms and the layout of the fortress for a military strike against them.

Unfortunately, while fleeing from the sinking fortress, the party ran across the territory of a black dragon. The wyrm devoured nearly half of Grace of Isis, scooped up The Silent One and then dropped him miles away in the jungle, vaporized Zatana with its acid spittle breath, tore apart Luatha Vain with its claws and charmed Gilvorak Steelhand.

The party was finally able to regroup and slay the dragon, and then used the thing's hoard to purchase a caravel, which they named "the Grace" after the priestess they now sought to return to life. (See also: U3 - The Final Enemy)

The Quest for Gilvorak
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) While stopping off in the Archduchy of Wallbrook to resupply before heading to Thricia to get Grace of Isis revived, Gilvorak Steelhand was captured by the Mercurial Badger, a dwarven bounty-hunting team seeking to bring him back to Stokil-Dhuum for stand trial for supposed crimes against his people. The Sign of Four abandoned their journey to Thricia and made their way to Derome-Delem to retrieve their companion.

Along the way, the party was attacked by the elven pirates of "the Blood Moon", but were able to utterly destroy them and their ship and save a few captives from that ship's hold, including a gnome warrior named Zydeco Quint. The gnome was so grateful for being rescued that he promised to aid the group in their quest.

Arriving in Cutter Jack's, they left their ship in the care of their crew and then gathered allies for the long, grueling trip inland, including an elven mage/thief named Allura and a dwarven priest who agreed to act as a barrister when the party arrived at Stokil-Dhuum. His name was Muldar Chislar.

The journey into the mountains took several weeks. Along the way, The Sign of Four fought giants and avoided those who thought they were helping the dwarves of Stokil-Dhuum by delaying the party's progress.

Close to the dwarven stronghold, the party was surprised to be ambushed in the night by drow elves emerging from a set of caves they might have otherwise missed.

Finally arriving outside of Stokil-Dhuum, the party discovered that no one would be let into the dwarven stronghold. As the others waited, Dresden the Black used magic and some other nearby caves to sneak into the underground stronghold to get Gilvorak Steelhand. When he finally did make it inside, his dwarven companion would not leave, wanting to prove his innocence and/or face the punishment of his people without cowardice. Before Dresden could leave, he was captured as well.

It turned out that what Gilvorak was being held for was returning to Stokil-Dhuum with his companions (which supposedly included Dresden and a half-elven bard) and not only breaking the seal on the entrances to the Plutonic Realms that were off-limits, but killing the dwarven guards that tried to stop them. As soon as Dresden heard this, he knew Jack of Hearts was behind it, and that his doppleganger was likely Athanasiou the Black, a crony of Jack whom the party had met during the time leading up to the coronation of King Edmund the Young.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was surprised by the arrival of a contingent of elves from Tempestas led by Glorfindel Estelenoth II and Falen, along with an elven noble named Ganelon Entwood. They were sent to investigate and quash a supposed group of drow elves who had breached the surface world. The platoon of elves descended into the mountain tunnels looking for the drow. Conflict erupted as Muldar Chislar attempted to get to Stokil-Dhuum's gates to warn them about the arrival of the elves (whom he did not trust), Zydeco wanted to go with the elves to explore the tunnels Dresden had used to get into the stronghold to look for the drow in question, and The Silent One wanted to do as Dresden had asked and wait for his return.

The elves, however, were massacred by the crafty drow using a well-placed lightning bolt, and the group dwindled down from nearly thirty to less than ten. It was here that Allura died as well. It was becoming clear that the drow were planning some kind of attack or trickery on Stokil-Dhuum, and only the people outside of the stronghold knew it.

The Silent One resorted to violence to stop Muldar, and then bound the dwarf. He then attempted to sabotage Zydeco's descent into the deep caves with the remaining elves, which endangered the gnome and the party's allies. Ironically, he was then forced to go down there himself to aid them against the ambush of drow when his cutting their ropes left them stranded, and was killed by a stray sword blow.

Zydeco Quint, Falen, Ganelon Entwood and Glorfindel Estelenoth II and the remaining elves managed to sneak into Stokil-Dhuum just as a party of drow were using the distraction of a purple worm set loose in the stronghold's mines to sneak in to steal the dwarves' sacred treasures and defile their temple. Realizing something was wrong, Gilvorak Steelhand left his cell (it was never locked) and freed Dresden the Black and they rejoined their companions to stop the drow.

Glorfindel Estelenoth II was slain in the battle against the drow.

In the end, Gilvorak Steelhand and the others were exonerated for their part in protecting the stronghold and through the use of divination magic by the council of rune-throwers who had been sequestered before and thus unavailable.

Gilvorak Steelhand swore that he would kill Jack of Hearts with his very last breath if necessary.

Once again, Falen brought Glorfindel's body back to Tempestas, and Ganelon Entwood decided to join the party. Upon returning to the ship, the party discovered that both Grace's and Luatha's corpses had been taken by someone claiming to have been sent by Dresden the Black.

The party traveled back to Thricia (but lost their ship in a storm on the way), where The Silent One was raised and divination revealed not only that priests of Set were involved in the theft of Grace's body, but that she was once again among the living.

OO9 - Freedom from the Slaves
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) Hearing news of a secret temple of Set in the Yellow Skull Hills of Thricia and seeking out the connection between the disappearance of Grace's corpse and the church of Set, the Sign of Four traveled there, picking up Aron Wisprunner along the way. What followed was a massacre made possible by the discovery of a route into the heart of the temple by means of forgotten tunnels from a kobold lair. The Sign of Four rescued several prisoners, recovered a great deal of treasure and magic and set the place ablaze after slaying the high priest. The killing was so merciless and terrible that Aron Wisprunner left the group soon afterwards to return to Tempestas and early retirement.

The Silent One also left the group at this time, deciding he was needed back in his homeland.

Despite this, there was no clue at the temple as to the location of Grace's body, but a message from Jack of Hearts hinted that she might be found in the Black Islands Barony.

Campaign Epilogue
Using their influence with certain nobility in the Kingdom of Neergaard and Gilvorak's position as a member of the Order of the Dim Star, the Sign of Four was able to procure an invitation to the quinquennial games at the Lists of Black Talon in the Black Islands Barony. Gilvorak used this to enter the tournament with Zydeco Quint as his squire (and second). Ganelon Entwood and Dresden the Black would tag along invisibly undertaking the search for Grace while the games went on.

Unfortunately, as Dresden the Black followed Gilvorak into a dinner at Castle Black Talon to take the opportunity to search the place, Ganelon Entwood was discovered and arrested, forcing Zydeco to flee the city. Gilvorak was arrested soon after the dinner for complicity. Shortly thereafter, Dresden managed to find Grace of Isis and confess his long-time love for her, but he was discovered as well - as he learned that Grace now served Set. She mocked and ridiculed him as he was dragged off to the dungeons to serve a sentence of undetermined length with his companions.

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