The Sign Of Four

The Sign of Four

This party of adventurers made their name by playing a major role in the foiling of the plot to usurp the throne of the Kingdom of Neergaard, but were also known in some circles for their forays into the Underkeep of Thion-geb and Alazair, returning the Eye of Zolz to the Church of Thoth, and later razing a temple of Set in the Yellow Skull Hills of Thricia.

At different times the members of the Sign of Four were:

While the group's roster changed over time, the core group is usually considered to be Dresden the Black, Gilvorak Steelhand, The Silent One, Luatha Vain and Grace of Isis.

Despite their reputation as the "heroes of Neergaard," over the years their role in the rescue of Prince (now King) Edmund has been downplayed. Rumors suggest that they were merely hangers-on of Jack of Hearts (also involved in the rescue) who took more credit than they were due.

Currently, the members of the Sign of the Four are in dire straits and have been there since the summer of 562 H.E. Captured during the summer tournament at Castle Black Talon in the Black Islands Barony, Gilvorak Steelhand, Ganelon Entwood and Dresden the Black were thrown into the baron's dungeons, and have remained there since. A woman matching the description of Grace of Isis, but calling herself Abigail of Set, is commonly seen in the court of Baron Hustas von Egraine III since around that time.

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