The Oath Campaign

The Oath Campaign

This campaign began in October of 1996 and lasted until early 2000. For the most part the group met weekly for just over two years, and then irregularly for another 13 months. The campaign was played using the 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

In game time, the campaign lasted from the late spring of 562 H.E. to mid-summer of 564 H.E.

Player Characters

The five original characters were:

After Danotholin's death, they were joined by:

  • A special note should be made about Uri the Marked, a human fighter (dervish) who lasted less than one session when he was sentenced to an indefinite stay in the dungeons of Swampstop for brawling and then telling a judge that the demons inside him made him do it.

After Randall Thaenar disappeared, and Robert of Fallon, Gwar of Westron and Eläyas the Scarred were killed while running through N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile God, the Oath was joined by:

and soon after Ellis' death by:

Just outside of Quillton in Thricia, they were joined by:

Skurge and Xerik were killed atop the keep on Bone Hill.

Gregori the Brown left the group to fulfill his Academy of Wizardry service.

She joined the group, and soon after Willie Dobil was killed. Upon the road the party met:

Raven was killed by ghouls in the slaver compound in the Old Claw-Earth, but the party soon met:

Jack did not stay with the party long, and Thar'keth was killed by an otyugh in the bowels of Highport.

The monk joined the party in Derome-Delem, but left soon after the tournaments at The Island of Anthron Moore. Escher of Fallon had already parted ways with the party, in order to found a temple to his goddess. The Oath was accompanied to these tournaments by Ulthis Maralis, an elven cavalier.

Among the last people to join the party were:

and lastly,

In total, there were 26 player characters played in this campaign, and 11 different players.

The Oath Campaign ended in February of 2000 with a TPK while exploring an adapted version of C1 - The Hidden Shrine of the Tamoachan.

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