The First Campaign Adventures

The "First" Campaign's Adventures

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[[[#roarwater]]]Roarwater Caves
(from Dungeon #15) Escaping Teamsburg law enforcement, Glorfindel Estelenoth II, Kale, Kara and Thane Galore the Dragon-slayer traveled to Corbay. The fishermen of that village hired them to kill the bugbears that had taken over rule of a local tribe of xvarts, as they feared the balance of power in the area between the xvarts and kobolds would be upset, and it would be the village that would suffer.

Meeting up with a fellow named Jack of Hearts, they snuck into the beach caves the xvarts used as a home, but left Glorfindel behind as he had come down with the bog flu. While they managed to kill many xvarts and all the bugbears, Kale and Thane were paralyzed and devoured by carrion crawlers, and Kara and Jack barely escaped with their lives.

When Glorfindel recovered, he and a newly arrived elf called Kaolin Lasceter went to the caves themselves and found them mostly abandoned. (Kara had contracted the bog flu in the interim, so she stayed behind this time). The kobolds had attacked in the meantime. Hooking up with Jack of Hearts, the party entered the kobold lair and slew many of them, including their leader, driving the rest away.

[[[#lakelady]]]The Lady of the Lake
(from Dungeon #5) Jack of Hearts went his own way, his place was filled when the group was joined by a tall human named Delane Flagg who claimed to be a paladin of Bast. Traveling to the Archduchy of Wallbrook, the party ended up rescuing a strange outsider that took the form of a young woman, but was really some kind of winged rainbow-colored deer by immersing her in an enchanted lake. The party defeated the bandits that had captured her, beat her and left her for dead, returning them to justice.

[[[#dunwater]]]U2 - Danger at Dunwater
The party then traveled to the Republic of Erthage, where they helped the town of Saltmarsh deal with what they thought were aggressive lizardfolk moving into the territory. As it turned out, the lizardfolk were seeking to escape evil sahuagin who were planning a war against both themselves and the town. After helping to negotiate a peace, the party took their reward and left for Derome-Delem to seek out a cure for what ailed their newest companion, Ivan the Invoker.

Kara left the group after this adventure; she had met a sailor and fallen in love, signing on to crew of his ship to be with him. (See also: U2 - Danger at Dunwater)

(from Dungeon #18) Just north of Nikar, the party was able to find the old tower of Iyarim the Accursed and delve deep into its lower levels, avoiding traps and fighting off animated objects. There they found Iyarim's Orb of Memory Collection and smashed it, curing Ivan the Invoker of the Curse of Iyarim.

[[[#ninthchair]]]OO3 - The Ninth Chair
(Written by Osvaldo Oyola) While in Nikar, the party became involved in investigating the murder of Lurger Jumpingbean, a member of the town's ruling council who was killed soon after the party returned from their last adventure. It seemed there was a curse that whomever held the Ninth Chair on the Council eventually died while holding it.

While following the various clues and red herrings, the party ran afoul of another adventuring party who were also staying in town, and who looked like they might have had something to do with it. Even as the party was figuring out who the real murderer was and trying to bring him to justice, the bad blood between the groups led to a fight in the street that left Ivan the Invoker dead and many townspeople wounded, and damaged great deal of property.

In the end, it turned out another member of the council, the leader of the local chapter of The Petrified Tree, had committed the murder. He was exiled from Nikar as punishment, and while the party was given their reward, their methods led to them being asked to leave as well.

[[[#destinyofkings]]]N3 - The Destiny of Kings
The party then traveled to Neergaard, where an old family friend of Delane Flagg, an advisor to the recently assassinated king, asked the party to seek out the missing prince before the opportunistic king's brother took the throne for himself. They were joined by Vivian of Isis, who was recruited by the same advisor.

As they traced the path of the prince's pilgrimage and drew the conclusion that the prince had been followed and grabbed by a group of mounted men, they drew the unwanted attention of some knights that served Duke Aimar of Andevar. Kaolin Lasceter was killed, but the waters of the Shrine of the Waters of the Sun brought him back to life. Unfortunately, he died again soon thereafter when he fell into the nest of some giant forest spiders.

Along the way, the group met up with Ogilli Jingaro, a monk from the Empire of Oolam who was retracing the journey of Omar the Invincible; he sympathized with their plight and joined them. Soon after figuring out that the prince was being held in Griffon Castle, they happened upon Jack of Hearts, who happened to be traveling in Neergaard as well. They sent him to get the help of knights still loyal to the king in the nearby Province of Seareach, while they sought a way to sneak the prince out of his captivity.

Unfortunately, however, their ruse to sneak into the castle failed, and the guards seemed ready for them. They tried holing up in the armory, but were quickly captured. It was then they discovered that the guards had been ready for them, as they had been betrayed by Jack of Hearts, who was working with the Duke. (See also: N3 - Destiny of Kings)

Campaign Epilogue
The party spent a harrowing few days as the prisoners of Duke Aimar. During this time, Jack of Hearts visited them and lorded it over them. Delane Flagg was tortured and killed; two days later, Aimar's men began on Ogilli Jingaro, and eventually he perished as well. The torture of Vivian of Isis had begun as a means of making Glorfindel Estelenoth II talk about who had sent them and what they knew, when an adventuring party known as The Sign of Four snuck into Griffon Castle and rescued them.

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