In Pursuit Of Adventure

In Pursuit of Adventure

This campaign began in June of 2010 with 6 players in addition to the DM. It ended in May 2016 with 3 players after 99 sessions.

Herman Land needs Heroes!


The war with the Black Islands Barony continues to drag on and even the commoners can tell that the prospects of the Kingdom of Herman Land reigning in the rebellious nation are slim at best. The monarchy's coffers are near drained, most eligibly aged conscripts have already been sent to the front, and indentured servitude is labeled thinly veiled slavery. Unpopular sentiment is abundant. Long have adventurers served as an unofficial police force in keeping peace in the land, aiding their mother nation, and as champions of hope for the common man. The question is,… are they enough?

Whether it be a desperate gambit or a bold folly, only time will tell, but the Guildmasters have a plan. Some members of the guilds of Herman Land have petitioned the Parliament and have secured the right to issue a licensure for Privateers under the auspices of the Crown. Most notably among them perhaps are the Ferryman's, Fisherman's, Merchant's and Moneylender's Guilds.

The mission is to serve the war effort by acting as Privateers for the Herman Land Crown, recovering any and all unique properties that may be of service to the war effort, or preventing the acquisition of said items by enemies of the crown. The vessel and her crew are to be used in the pursuit of adventure, not merely meaning 'the thrill of life', but of the classical 'for monetary gain'.

Player Characters

The campaign began with six player characters and while the campaign did drop to as low as four a couple times, there ended up being five player characters for a majority of the sessions, but ended with only three.

Here are the characters in order of appearance:

Over time, the make-up of the group changed. Drevindor of Tefnut's player did not return after the first session and Cargo's player departed following the adventure on Eddistone Point due to continued time constraints. But the party was joined by a new player character (and player) after their adventure on the Vaka, specifically to aid with their future mission during the Festival of Isis:

When the party began dealing with Westron's outbreak of "goblin fever", Clede Ip's player had to take a temporary hiatus from the game and would return again in the future. But during the party's attempt to gather the remaining resources required to produce a cure for this "fever", they were joined by another new player character (and player), introduced to the group through the PC turned NPC Drevindor of Tefnut:

Within the temple of the lizard-king, Sakatha, the party found a figure asleep within an egg-shaped sarcophagus, who joined them on their mission to defeat the reptilian evils found in the sunken ziggurat.

After the death of the party leader and lieutanant, and the dispersal of most of the crew and other henchmen, the depleted party was joined a new member in Haffar's Port:

Crew, Hirelings, and other assorted Flunkies

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Maps & Props

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