Fourth Age

The idea of the Fourth Age began with King Herman II, who decided that the establishment of the Kingdom of Herman Land was worthy of a new counting of time. Despite being a very self-centered point of view, most of the other human kingdoms adopted this form of counting time since Herman-lander merchants became the common denominator and the means by which communication was maintained between different kingdoms.

0000 The last of the tribes (Mibor) of the Ermainian Islands pledges fealty to King Herman Ermaine. The Kingdom of Herman Land is officially established.
0003 Margrave Iane Pepper II officially abolishes slavery in Thricia.
0048 King Ceyar of the Equin Isles dies; King Arnik Ermaine of Kingdom of Herman Land marries his daughter (Princess Menefreda), uniting the two kingdoms.
0076 Civil war breaks out in the Kingdom of Neergaard. The Termermean people try to free themselves from the yoke of the rule of the Abeodans.
0097 Omar the Invincible arrives in the feuding Neergaard Kingdom from the Empire of Oolam in the "Hellish Seas" to aid the Termermeans.
0099 The Free Town of Princeton is founded in Derome-Delem by exiled Abeodan nobles.
0101 Abeodan nobles begin to arrive in the what will become El Reino Unido De Familias Superiores, and begin feuding for power immediately.
0102 Uthno the Dark is defeated in the County of Leinster in the Equin Isles.
0103 The second dynasty of the Kingdom of Neergaard is established. Llywellyn the Just becomes the first Termermean King of Neergaard.
0126 The University of Thricia at Moon City established.
0129 The fifth King of Herman Land, Cirdan Ermaine, changes the dynasty's name to Herman.
0131 The "Black Islands" are discovered by Captain Yeardley Scott. They are conquered by Herman Land's armies by the next year. Ptomlemus Pietra-Vermiglia, the so-called "Eastern Priest-King" of the Red God of the West, comes to power on Haffar Isle.
0139 The von Egraine Family takes over the Black Islands Barony.
0144 The Order of the Iron Staff is established in the Kingdom of Neergaard.
0150 Armies of the Followers of the Red God of the West invade the Magocracy of Thricia, after repeated skirmishes regarding control over settlements in the southern Spice and Thread Islands and the Disputed Territories. The Red-Pepper War begins.
0151 The Durant Keep Villages Massacre takes place.
0152 King Herman V sends troops to assist Pepperland.
0154 The fall of House Amber of Thricia.
0156 The Eastern Priest-King, Ptomlemus Pietra-Vermiglia is overthrown and executed as a result of a slave revolt. The Charter of the Triumvirate is established in Haffar's Port.
0157 King Herman VI pulls troops from Pepperland. The Second Kingdom of the Red God of the West is established.
0159 The Treaty of Devil's Grasp is signed. The Red-Pepper War officially ends.
0168 The Kingdom of the Red God of the West invades what will become El Reino Unido De Familias Superiores (UKSF).
0176 The armies of the Kingdom of the Red God of the West are expelled from the UKSF.
0201 King Herman VII officially abolishes slavery in the Kingdom of Herman Land.
0207 El Reino Unido De Familias Superiores is officially established. High King Julio Ardor I takes the throne.
0211 The First Humano-Orc War begins.
0214 The Herman Land town of Hortburg is razed by orcs.
0220 The First Humano-Orc War ends.
0236 Whitemane Herman, 'the Wizard-King' (King Herman VIII) takes the throne of the Kingdom of Herman Land.
0240 Whitemane Herman 'the Wizard-King' abdicates without an heir; his younger brother Ernest Herman becomes regent until his son is old enough to take the throne.
0267 The Second Humano-Orc War begins because of the humanoid hordes of Marcosias the Corruptor. Margrave Iane Pepper VIII slain by the green dragon Kissamus.
0270 The Archmage Karellen is killed defending the Academy of Wizardry from Marcosias the Corruptor.
0271 The Second Humano-Orc War ends. Farza Mac-Fuerdin declared Grand Duke of the Equin Isles by King Nicophorus Herman.
0273 Thion-Geb and Alazair establish their Underkeep outside of Verdun. Azules is founded on the western coast of Derome-Delem.
0280 Mingol the Pirate-King's fleet destroyed by the combined navies of Pepperland and the Kingdom of Herman Land. Mingol is hanged in the Verde Palace courtyard.
0293 The Herman Land "Age of Peace" begins.
0299 The Underkeep of Thion-geb and Alazair is lost.
0374 King Vainamoinen ascends the throne of the City-State of the Kalevala in the Northern Reaches.
0398 The Herman Land "Age of Peace" ends. King Herman XII the Cruel takes the throne of Herman Land.
0409 The armies of the Kingdom of Herman Land invade Derome-Delem. The Academy of Wizardry loses representation in the Herman Land Parliament of Guildmasters.
0411 The Church of Nephthys officially declares the invasion of Derome-Delem an unjust act, and begins aiding the dwarves and other denizens of that island.
0414 Hurgun's Maze is "closed" and disappears.
0417 King Herman XII pulls majority of troops from Derome-Delem. The Free Town of Northtown in Derome-Delem is established.
0427 The "Little Kingdoms" of Derome-Delem are established.
0441 Thricia's Frontier Skirmishes begin on the western shore of the Island of the Six Kingdoms.
0460 The elves of Tempestas slaughter the hill dwarves of Krathjarn Peak. The few survivors abandon the stronghold of Nalhak-Throvlode.
0469 El Reino Unido de Familias Superiores is established.
0500 The Night of Suffering. Massacre at the Anthem of the Sun; Minions of Set slaughter all the participants.
0516 The Battle of Angharat Glade in the Equin Isles.
0523 The War of the White Roses begins in the Black Islands Barony as a group of allied nobles with aid of Herman Land nobility seek to overthrow Baron Woile von Egraine V. They struggle for nearly three years only to fail.
0526 The Black Islands Barony is given "semi-independence".
0537 The Goblin Skirmishes of the Ermainian Islands and the Equin Isles. Tulkon the Scurvy is executed in Verdun.
0539 Whelan Wallbrook III, Earl of Northbrook and son of the Grand Duke of the Equin Isles, is declared Archduke. The Equin Isles are given "semi-independence" and renamed the Archduchy of Wallbrook. King Herman XVI takes the throne.
0543 Cutter Jack retrieves the Sacred Rose of Osiris and becomes lord of Northtown in Derome-Delem. The town is renamed after him.
0546 The Kingdom of Neergaard declares war on the Black Islands Barony. The Black-Neergaard War begins.
0549 The razing of Routherough Keep in the County of Wicklow in the Archduchy of Wallbrook.
0550 Prince Edrin Crownen, brother of King Halfred Crownen of Neergaard, tries to usurp the throne during the King's absence.
0551 The Battle of Blood River outside of Amerik in the Black Islands Barony takes place. The Treaty of Blackguard is signed. The Black-Neergaard War ends.
0558 The Underkeep of Thion-Geb and Alazair is rediscovered.
0559 The Sign of Four is formed.
0560 King Halfred Crownen of Neergaard is assassinated; his son Prince Edmund II is kidnapped and later rescued by Jack of Hearts and the Sign of Four.
0561 Prince Edmund Crownen is officially crowned King of Neergaard.
0562 The Oath is formed. The Far Shore League of Derome-Delem is established. King Vainamoinen of the City-State of the Kalevala dies. The Days of Wild occur in Moon City, Thricia.
0563 Margrave Iane Pepper IX marries Katherine Schemerhorn. The Black Islands Barony attempts to secede from the Kingdom of Herman Land. The Black Navy attacks and burns most of Teamsburg. The Oath recovers the crown of Llywellyn the Just.
0564 The Kingdom of Herman Land begins a massive conscription effort in an attempt to end the civil war quickly.
0565 Hurgun of the Stone returns and reopens his infamous Maze, thanks to the aid of The Keepers of the Gate
0566 The Battle for Fessigon. Kraken's Cove Massacre. The Sluetelot Fire.

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