First Age

Also known as the Age of Elves, this era is notable for the establishment of the elven kingdom and the arrival of drow in Aquerra. All sources agree that the dark elves were already corrupt upon arrival, but scholars debate whether they were already subterranean. It was also near the end of this age that the Mystics were first observed to build their cities. Little is known about this powerful race of men.

0000 The Time Before (also known as Aquor, The First Island, the Shining Realm, or The Dwon) ends.
1000 Elves arrive in Tempestas.
6600 Drow elves arrive in Tempestas.
7730 The First War of the Black Trees between drow and surface elves begins.
7710 The dwarves establish the Second Dwarven Kingdom after years of wandering Aquerra using the tunnels of the Undersea.
10000 Battle at the Tree of the Sky. King Geled-Treead, last of the first generation of elves, is killed. The drow are defeated and forced into the Plutonic Realms.
10100 System of elven noble houses begins. Halflings and gnomes are first seen in Aquerra.
11000 Humans first appear as barbaric tribes of hunter-gatherers.
12000 The Mystics appear and begin to found their civilization.
14999 The First Age Ends.

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