Black Islands Barony

The Black Islands Barony


Ruler: Baron Hustas von Egraine III
Patron Deity: Set/Apep

The Black Islands were "discovered" and claimed for the Kingdom of Herman Land in 131 H.E.. The barony was established in 136 H.E.. Although "Baron" is a low-ranking noble title, the von Egraine family has always refused to adopt a different title, preferring the knightly connotations of "Barony".

While officially part of the Kingdom of Herman Land, the level of autonomy of the Black Islands Barony has varied over the centuries, but until recently the Baron never failed to pay due tribute to the crown of Herman Land (and many bribes to the members of the Parliament of Guildmasters to keep the influence of the guilds at bay).

In 563 H.E. the barony struck out against its sovereign nation, attacking the city of Teamsburg in an attempt to declare its full autonomy. Thus began the protracted Black-Herman War.

Cities & Towns of the Black Islands

Cities: Paragraine (capital)
Towns: Elgar | Kamadan | Kleinhandel | Fashenmit | Samerik
Villages: Barbrak | Eisenschlag | Geffanstag | Lambert | Kuhlberg | Zentralp

Other Sites: Ashen Hills | Baernhoft | Blackblood Passage | Black Sunflower Arena | Castle Black Talon | Chalton Cliffs | Choker Straits | Heenuce Heights | Magen Bay | Millet Gabel River | Netherine Caves | Rhosgobel Dale | Shoals of Jet | Stormcatcher Bay | Wasserabstand

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