It seems that no place in Aquerra is very far from the sound of sea against the shore. The call of the blue-green swirls of its currents and waves seem to infect the very dreams of man and elf, inspiring desire to travel or poets to wonder at its length and breadth.

Even as ships slide silently across the placid waters of its summer time seas, ever in danger of being tossed by one of Tefnut's sudden storms, do men toss their fate across the oceans.

Ra's Glory streaks the green surface with ribbons of gold, and warms the faces of those that tack into the wind, to find new lands or explore neighboring island kingdoms that they have heard of all their lives.

But Bes' luck is fickle in this land of dark city spires on sea shores, and pirate fleets that fear only those dragons that have taken to a life at sea or the gibbering hordes of the devilmen of the deep that may lurk just beyond the horizon. The danger of these fearless men and monsters always overshadows every adventurous endeavor.**

Aquerra is a homebrew campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It was first developed in the summer of 1989 for the advent of the 2nd Edition rules, and has been undergoing a long conversion to the 3rd edition rules (and later an amalgam of 3E and 3.5E rules) since the summer of 2000.

Aquerra is a world of many small islands scattered across seemingly endless ocean. In the nearly 25 years since it was first used to run games, there have been over a dozen campaigns started in the setting, five of which have last for two or more years. In that time there have been more than 40 different players involved in those campaigns.

This wiki is a work in progress and will probably always be as the existing information on Aquerra is transferred from the old website and from the never published Aquerra Player's Guide. In addition, information and rules that were alluded to in existing material is slowly being developed to fill the gaps.

In time, the should be the primary source of all setting and rules information for the Aquerra world, and in fact any info found here should be considered to trump any previously printed rules or descriptions.

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